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AI driven land line phone,
with embedded IoT sensors.


AI driven land line phone,
with embedded IoT sensors.


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Call, Watch, Play, Turn On...

Jane Carter

Cutting edge technologies that blend with your environment and lifestyle.

Features Overview

AI driven land line

Port your existing land line number, and use your voice to make and receive calls.

IoT weather station with Smart Home Control 

Measure the AirQuality in your home and manage your smart home devices, even when offline.

HD projector for Cinema experience

Stream your favourite movies on the Wall and enjoy incredible video calls. 

Safety and privacy by design 

Keep your conversation private, with On-Device local voice assistant. No publishing to any Cloud on-line.

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Say it out loud

Connect XΛ | VX to your WiFi to enable your AI driven landline, use the IoT weather station to increase your well being at home, stream content to the HD-Projector via Bluetooth and WiFi, interact seamlessly with your smart home devices through the local voice assistant.


Designed by specialists in IoT driven innovation.

XΛ | VX  is a combination of the most advanced sensor-based hardware and software on today’s tech landscape. 

Telecommunications innovation.
Upgrade your land line with AI and wall projection.

Voice control and the embedded video projector enhance your call experience, blending the call with the space.

Smart Home innovation. 
All in one device. Keep control, stay safe.  

XΛ | VX is controlled by a local voice assistant. Without need to connect to the cloud, it keeps all your Smart Home interactions 100% offline and private.

Lifestyle innovation.
For better health and comfort.

XΛ | VX helps you track air quality and control temperature, kitchen appliances, light switches and many IoT sensor to enhance the comfort of your smart home.

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